Weather in Morocco

The climate in Morocco varies significantly according to the location (area and altitude) and the season. The coast (in the west and north) has a Mediterranean climate and extreme temperature ranges are moderated by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. However in the interior of Morocco the climate is rather continental, and characterized by more extremities: freezing and snow or very hot and dry.

The summer – from April to October – is hot and dry throughout Morocco: extremely hot (35-45 C°) in the South and in the Sahara (however temperature can drop dramatically during night), while nicely hot (25-30 C°) in the mountains and by the coast.

In winter – from November to March – coastal areas still have a nice climate: sunny and moderate temperature, but rain can be usual and nights can be chilly. In the Sahara it is usually sunny and cold, especially during the nights, when it can be freezing. The mountains are very cold (freezing) and snow is very probable over 2400m.

The best time to visit Morocco is March-April and September-October. However if you wish to avoid the high season and lots of fellow tourists, we recommend to take a trip in other periods, and rather be prepared for colder or hotter weather (depending on the season).
(Please note, that due to climate extremities in the inland, we do not propose to take Sahara tours in the summer and High Atlas tours in the winter.)

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