Tipping in Morocco

Morocco is a tipping country, it is part of our tradition. Tips at all service sector are appreciated.

However, tipping in Morocco is not at all compulsory. You can give a tip as an extra for good service and to say thank you. As such if you are satisfied with any service, you can give any tip you want.

However, as a guideline you can use the following: 

  • restaurants and cafés: 10 %
  • luggage porters at the hotel: 2 Euros (a time)
  • camel drivers in the Sahara: 2 Euros per person per day
  • local guides (used for some sights): 2 Euros per person 
  • bus driver: 15-20 Euros per person (at the end of the trip)
  • tour guide: 30-40 Euros per person (at the end of the trip)

For any other services or if you are not sure, please discuss with your tour leader. 

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